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Adventures In Gods Presence - Volume 6


Quick Overview

Adventures 6 revisits the original radio format and introduces two new singers to the series.  Adam Kemp (Lead singer from the band Crystovox) does a Big-Time performance of Unto Jesus, I will Go In The Name of The Lord and I Cry Out To You. The gifted Leigh Taylor contributes His Name and“Take Me Down To The River. Two other gems on this CD is the radio favorite Be Still And Know The I Am God by Don Fredricks  and the classic cathedral worship song, Holy is The Lord.

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Song NamePreview
1. Unto Jesus - Adam Lee Kemp
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2. I Will Rejoice in the Lord - Adam Lee Kemp
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3. We Cry Jesus - Tim Coffman
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4. I Cry Out To You - Adam Lee Kemp
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5. I Will Go In The Strength Of The Lord - Adam Lee Kemp
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6. Take Me Down to the River - Leigh Taylor
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7. His Name - Leigh Taylor
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8. Be Still And Know That I Am God - Don Fredericks
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9. You Will Reign - Don Fredericks
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10. Holy is the Lord - Adventures Band
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