Deven Berryhill

“The Deven Berryhill Band” is the debut CD from Deven Berryhill and his Band on Rolltop Records. Clean chimey guitars and ambient riffs make this project instantly accessible. There is youthfulness to the music and the songs have a classic sound. Favorite songs include, “Water Song”, “Catherine”,  “Last Days Of Thunder” and “I’m Still Ready.

The second CD from DBB is “Danger High Voltage Above”, which produced 3 singles on the top 100 for Christian Rock Radio the year it was released. The biggest single was the Bob Dylan classic ‘You Gotta Serve Somebody”, which burned up the national charts and has become somewhat of a classic. Big drums and fat guitars make this CD a must have for any one that likes a Blues Rock sound. Standout songs are “You Gotta Serve Somebody”,  “Peace Child”,  “Vibe”, “Landslide” and “I’m Alive.

Deven also contributed to the Adventures Worship Series as a musician on CDs
1-4. Deven was a featured performer and songwriter on Adventures 4 and he also traveled with the Adventures Worship Team for 3 seasons.

Deven Berryhill is currently an educator in the San Diego area. He plays music live and in the studio.


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