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Tim Coffman’s original music journey actually began nearly 10 years ago. In 2002, Coffman began recording This Is Fun, his first personal project of instrumental songs that he had written over a 10-year span but had never gotten around to recording.  The resulting nine-track CD represents a sentimental trip back to the 60’s, when melody dominated popular music. Coffman then added just the right blend of contemporary spices and captured the essence of the instrumental pop music genre of the time. The result is some very fresh "Vintage Soundtracks."

Never content to rest on his laurels, Coffman wrote and produced the 2003 release Nonstop to Paris, which was embraced by smooth jazz radio and during its debut week scored on the list of top 10 most added radio singles. Destined to be a smooth jazz favorite Nonstop to Paris is a mix of Cool Jazz, smooth Jazz and deep vintage grooves.

But to tell the story in more depth, we need to go back to Coffman’s roots in a four-decade career that has taken him from sharing the stage with rock music luminaries Steppenwolf and the Dave Clark Five to country legends Roy Clark and Jimmy Dean. During the following years Coffman performed as a front man and bassist for several West Coast bands and worked as a freelance songwriter and producer.

Coffman’s natural progression from performer to producer began in earnest in 1984 when he opened a small recording studio in San Diego and began building a solid reputation as a music producer and engineer. During the years that followed, Coffman produced hundreds of projects including local and national commercials, and full length CDs for Classical, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Latin and Contemporary Gospel artists.

In 1986, Coffman founded Rolltop Records as a way to promote the artists he was recording.  Rolltop, named for the huge desk in which the studio mixing board was set, became the epicenter for many recording artists in San Diego. Coffman also enjoyed a stint as a successful concert promoter, working with many leading Gospel artists, including Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and more.

Coffman launched a series of CDs in 1993, that eventually grew to seven volumes of praise and worship music. Drawing almost solely on hometown talent, the Adventures worship series continues to enjoy national airplay on over 250 Gospel stations.

In 2004, Rolltop Music released “Beach & Guitar”, Coffman’s best selling CD, which is a collection of Hawaiian Island and Southern California Surf music. The CD earned a nomination for song of the year with the classic long board song, “JungleWave”.

During the next few years, Tim Coffman released more CDs and the industry recognition kept growing. In 2005 Coffman finished ‘Music From Beach Boulevard”, a collection of highly charged rock tunes and Island ballads. This CD also earned a nomination for song of the year with a recording of the irresistible tune “Fascination”.
2006 was another very good year for Coffman. The release of “The Rhythm Of Paradise” yielded 2 more nominations for song of the year with the recordings of “The Dance Of The Palm Trees” and “Big Island Rodeo”.

In 2008 Rolltop Music released “Ka Hula O Na Niu”. On the opening track Coffman makes a rare vocal appearance with Herb Pililaau on the perennial Hawaiian favorite “Island Style”.  Tim also contributes 3 Island Instrumentals.

Now, fast forward to 2012. Tim has just introduced “Cruisin’ Pacific Coast Highways” a series of CDs that celebrates and commemorates California’s coastal highways, It is a unique collection of music that is sure to be a favorite with surfers, beach goers and traveling enthusiast.  Written, arranged and produced by Tim Coffman, the first CD is called The Longboard Collection” and celebrates the surfing way of life. The second CD is entitled The Island Breezes Collection and brings the Aloha of Hawaii to the California coast.  Tim is already working on the next CD in the series.

Some things never change.

 Tim Coffman - The Longboard CollectionTim Coffman - PCH Island BreezesTim Coffman - The Rhythm of ParadiseTim Coffman - Music From Beach Boulevard
 Tim Coffman - Non Stop To ParisTim Coffman - This Is Fun Tim Coffman - Beach & Guitar ha hula 125x125

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