Cruisin' Pacific Coast Highways -
Island Breezes

Tim Coffman

Quick Overview

“Island Breezes” is a perfect description for the new “Cruisin’ Pacific Coast Highways” CD release from Rolltop Records. Written and produced by Tim Coffman, "Island Breezes" is a 10-song collection of Island Instrumentals that brings the Aloha of the islands to the beaches of the California coast.

This music has all the beauty and charm of California's beaches and is as carefree as the blue skies of a summer day. Included are two songs nominated for song of the year, "The Dance of the Palm Trees" and "Big Island Rodeo".

Recorded in Hawaii and San Diego the "Island Breezes Collection" is the second in a series of CDs that celebrates and commemorates California’s coastal highways. It follows the popular surf rock CD entitled "The Longboard Collection'.

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Song NamePreview
1. Big Island Rodeo
Album Only
2. Kona Cowboys
Album Only
3. The Dance of the Palm Trees
Album Only
4. Low Tide
Album Only
5. Keep Shinein' On Me
Album Only
6. Waikiki Two-Step
Album Only
7. Fresh Roses
Album Only
8. One Night in Lahaina
Album Only
9. Island Lullaby
Album Only
10. Sunset at Waikiki
Album Only
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