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Adventures In Gods Presence - Volume 5


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Adventures 5 may be the most mature CD in the series. The depth of insight is at once recognizable. Rolltop Music introduces two new singer/songwriters in Rob Mehl and Steve Van Belle. Both men do not disappoint with songs like,  Only True Hope,  Leave It At The Cross,  Hurricane,  Stronger Than Death and Let Us Pray. Tim Coffman contributes vocals on More than Anything.

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Song NamePreview
1. Only True Hope - Steve Van Belle
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2. Leave It at the Cross - Rob Mehl
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3. Lift Him Up - Adventures Band
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4. Hurricane - Steve Van Belle
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5. You Are Here - Rob Mehl
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6. More Than Anything - Tim Coffman
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7. Stronger Than Death - Steve Van Belle
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8. I Can Do - Adventures Band
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9. I Recognize Your Voice - Rob Mehl
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10. Let Us Pray - Rob Mehl
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