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Adventures In Gods Presence - Volume 1


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The “Adventures In God’s Presence” worship Series is the vision of Producer Tim Coffman. Tim teamed up with guitarist Deven Berryhill and worship leader Holland Davis to create a sound that pioneered the modern worship genre. The Adventures sound quickly established itself as a format for the airwaves and has been played consistently on worship radio. On Adventures 1, Holland Davis, Vivien Schmuki and Tim Coffman sing some of the favorites Adventures songs I Surrender, I Will Stay by Your Side, You’re in My Heart, Mighty Fortress and Worthy is the Lamb.

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Song NamePreview
1. I Surrender - Holland Davis
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2. I'm Ready For a Heart Like Yours - Vivien Schmuki
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3. I Will Stay By Your Side - Tim Coffman
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4. Mighty Fortress - Holland Davis
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5. You're In My Heart - Vivien Schmuki
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6. I Will Give Thanks - Tim Coffman
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7. Worthy Is The Lamb - Holland Davis
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8. Jesus-You're The King - Holland Davis
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9. Perfect Bride and Love - Vivien Schmuki
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10. Love One Another - Tim Coffman
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