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Mechanical License for Audio CD'S

A mechanical license is a license that permits you to record a cover version of someone else’s song and put it on a compact discs or other mechanical reproductions without infringing on the composer’s copyright.

If your cover version is a non-dramatic musical work, Rolltop Music will issue you a mechanical license at the current statutory rate, however you must apply for a mechanical license within 30 days of the release of your album or single in the marketplace.

If the cover version you are making is for dramatic use, such as a film soundtrack or for use in a musical play then you must obtain a synchronization license,

Synchronization License for TV, Film, Music Video or Commercial

A synchronization license, or Synch License is the license that you need to use someone else’s song and/or recording in your television show, commercial, music video or movie. In short it is synchronizing the recorded music to a visual image.

All of the terms of this synch license must be agreed to before you can use a Rolltop Music song or recording. If you are interested, please fill out the form and submit for processing.

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